5 Reasons To Choose Web-based Church Management Software

Church Management Software, also known as CMS or CHMS, is required to be installed on every church computer related site. These church management tools have been used for years in churches, but the best ChMS products online are by far the most popular. Your church may still be using an older, local, computer-hosted church management system. This might make you wonder: “Why would we switch to a Web-based ChMS?” Our existing system is fine. Here are five compelling factors to consider switching to a web based ChMS.

1) Accessible Everywhere – Once your church switches to a web-based CHMS, it will no longer be limited to just one computer or the few computers located in your church offices. You will be able to ask volunteers for help in data entry. But they don’t have the time to visit the church to do their job. They can login from any computer they own, from the office, at home or from a coffee shop. When you are on the move and need to locate a church member’s contact information, you can log into your web-based online ChMS and search them. The best news is that you can finally take your old ChMS computer to a shooting range. You have been wanting to get rid of that old ChMS computer for years.

2) Data-Reliability-What happens if the church computer that houses your old Church Management System crashes? What happens to your member data if the hard-drive becomes damaged? The church might have a policy about regular backups. What if someone violates the policy? These concerns will be eased immediately by switching to online Church Management Software. The company that provides your ChMS has redundant and backup systems galore. It is in their best interest to safeguard your data and ensure it does not get lost.

Social Media Integration. Unlike 2005 when most people didn’t know what Social Media was, today it is a household term. I was on a mission trip to Guatemala in 2012 and what did I discover? The entire town was populated by teenagers with Facebook accounts. My mother is now in her 80s and is an avid social media user. Your new online Church Management Software will integrate with most social media sites. This will make it possible for your church and community to communicate like never before. Some web-based CHMS companies do not offer this feature, but only the best of them do.

4) Smartphones/Tablets – Smartphones today are much more powerful and versatile than the computers used in 1969 to send astronauts on the moon. It’s easy to see why people all over the world are hooked up to their small-screens. These devices allow people to use them for many purposes, including phone calls, calendars, banking, and watching movies. These technological marvels can be used by churches to redeem their membership. With a quality online ChMS product, they can accomplish this. The web-based Church Management Software allows churches to use smartphones or tablets for more effective ministry.

5) Affordable – This sounds like all these benefits could be quite expensive. Some ChMS companies can, and do, charge a lot for their online services. However, others do not. Your online ChMS price doesn’t necessarily correspond to the old saying “You get whatever you pay for.” This old saying is just not relevant today. The 99 cent smartphone app can add a lot of value to your day. ChMS companies don’t have to overprice their products due to advancements in technology and accessibility.

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