Asian Eyelid Surgery: All you need to know

If you want the best web site results possible from an Asian eyelid procedure for your face and goals, make sure your surgeon customizes it to suit your specific needs.

Asian blepharoplasty is an eyelid procedure that aims to enhance the Asian contours of the eyelid. Asian canthoplasty is also called Asian blepharoplasty. Double-folded eyelid surgery and Asian blepharoplasty are two different procedures. No single method is standard. Not recognizing the many different eyelids or eyes is ignorance.

Some people are misinformed about Asian double eyelid procedures. The people think it is “Westernizing”. This isn’t the main purpose of this treatment. Instead, the treatment is focused on improving your eyelids so that you can achieve your aesthetic goal.

You can achieve the best results by choosing a treatment method that requires minimally-invasive surgery. The normal tissue will be preserved as much as possible. A less aggressive, more controlled procedure will result in a faster healing and natural improvement.

How can I select the best Asian eyelid surgeon?

Most qualified eye surgeons will not be able to claim that Asian eyelid surgery is the same as other techniques or more efficient than others. The most qualified eye plastic surgeons will tell you what medical plan suits your specific facial structure, eyelids, treatment goals, etc. Your doctor is trying to give you the treatment you deserve.

It is important that your doctor has experience in treating a wide range of different conditions. You should also look for a physician who has demonstrated natural results, both before and following surgery. Take a look at the before-and after pictures and ensure that your doctor individualizes every procedure.

Your doctor should be able to perform eyelid lifts and other procedures such as blepharoplasty, corrective eyelid surgery, reconstruction of the eyelids as well as medical eyelid surgery in order to treat certain conditions, including basal-cell cancer or ptosis. This expert will check that the procedure of your eyelids is harmonious with your facial characteristics.

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