Business in Pressure Washing, and Post Fire Cleanups

Many people have not been to a wildfire. About 15 years ago, I nearly lost my home to a wildfire. It moved fast, and the sky was black with cinders all around and soot that it looked like a nuclear horror movie. Except for a few houses, our neighborhood was spared. Although the fire fighters did a great job that day and others who were further down the canyons’ path did not fare so well, some people lost their lives. I took firefighting seriously from that point on. You should, too how to setup your truck for pressure washing.

My company can clean the undercarriages and spraying fire retardants from aircraft. It is difficult to imagine the difficulty of fighting fires when you’re so close to such equipment. We know exactly who will be doing the firefighting during this fire season and how much. Air force Auxillary, Air National Guard Stations, and C-117-C-130-C-141 are some of the people who fly from the air. Forestry Service can mobilize up to 450 aircraft. Tanker aircraft drop slurry chemical on fires, even using C-5 Galaxy. Helicopters are equipped with chemicals to evacuate people at risk. Small spotter planes drop small amounts. The chemicals used should be removed to prevent corrosion of aluminum and preserve viability for pilots.

In order to coordinate the mutual assistance programs, an interagency taskforce was formed. Local County, Seasonal, Prison Labour, Casual Firefighters and volunteers for the National Guards men, Army, and other agencies. There is also ash and debris left over cars, ground, and buildings after a fire. Pressure washing is not an easy job. It would be a smart thing to have your equipment ready for the cleanup that will follow a fire. Our company is available for free service at schools, churches, parks, and playgrounds. They also offer pressure washing services that can be paid for.

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