Can a Mosquito Misting System Help You in Winter?

It is possible to install a mosquito and insect misting systems that will automatically mist an insecticide finely around the plants in your yard. This spray should be directed at the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves so as to kill mosquitoes upon landing. In effect, this creates a perimeter for mosquitoes to ensure that they can only attack those within the perimeter.

It will only last a very short time, if you have a biodegradable mosquito misting device, and most of them are. It is important to note that because the spray is applied automatically and at set intervals the protection continues to be refreshed. Answering the question, will a bug spray be helpful in winter weather? The answer is no, although it may help in a mild winter with temperatures above 50 degrees.

Inactivity and Activity in Mosquitoes!

At 50F mosquitoes stop being active. Some mosquito species are active in lower temperatures. But most in southern states dormant or die until the temperatures go up, usually around spring.

With climate change and global warming, we don’t know what this spring or next will hold. Although temperatures in the ambient air are still higher this year, it’s not unlikely that they will continue to rise. They will likely emerge early next year before you are able to organize sprays for mosquitoes or install a mosquito misting system.

Installing a mosquito-control system may not be feasible in winter. But it might make sense to do so before the spring. If you catch them early, the mosquitoes will have already been dormant for a while and have also developed from larvae.

Mosquito Misting System Installation

Most mosquito control businesses do not work during the winter because there are few customers. In the future, with global warming and increasing temperatures, you may need to install mosquito misting gear well in advance of spring.

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