Carpet Protection

It is a well-known fact that knowledge is power. The following information is intended to help individuals feel confident when cleaning their carpets. These questions will be answered definitively to empower and inform.

Question 1: What is more important? The carpet cleaning solution or professional equipment? recommended reading!

Both are vital, but professionals have better equipment than the rest. Professionals have access to a greater range of treatment chemicals that are readily available for homeowners and business owners. It’s the equipment that makes all the difference.

For a thorough treatment, powerful vacuums, shampoo applicators and agitators are required. Hot water extraction professionals typically use truck-mounted vacuums. The truck-mounted vacuums can reach every part of your home and are powerful enough to handle heavy-duty treatments. The carpet is steam-steamed, which kills bacteria and viruses. High-powered suction eliminates dust and mites.

What are two questions homeowners should ask?

Professionals have access to the highest quality chemicals and equipment, but they also have the expertise and training that make them the best choice to clean carpets. Carpet cleaning can be complicated and requires specialized training.

Experts have more than the best chemicals and equipment. They also know how to use them properly. Do-it yourselfers are more likely to use too much shampoo and/or too little water, which can lead to major problems. Too much shampoo can leave behind a soapy residue, which can cause carpet to grow soil faster than normal. Even more damaging is too much water. This can cause carpet to become moldy or even irreparable.

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