Customer Service: The New Marketing?

Reliable Communication has been in business since 2009. They are a leading provider of sales process outsourcers and call centers more info. Their expertise includes tele-calling service, including inbound, outbound, voice recorded, and direct sales. No marketing channel is lacking today. There are a variety of marketing options, whether a company wants to reach out to customers via online channels or traditional methods. Every week it seems there is a new channel that’s being promoted as the next “big thing”.

Even though keeping up with the latest developments is a smart move, it’s also important to avoid letting them completely overshadow tried and trusted methods of acquiring or retaining customers. One of these methods is customer service. It is essential that every business provides excellent customer service. This applies to all businesses, regardless of their industry. It may not be considered a marketing medium in the conventional sense, but it can still play a role in determining whether or to what extent potential customers will choose your business. How Can Customer Service Be Used in Marketing? Some marketers only focus on acquiring customers. That’s a huge mistake, both in terms of financial gain and business growth. Growing your business is the top priority for many companies, but it will be impossible if you struggle to retain existing customers. In addition, since it costs six to seven times as much to gain a customer as it does to keep one, you can achieve the exact same level of customer base by focusing on customer retention. It is not rational to put off converting your existing customers into loyal customers.

Customer service is an important factor in the process. According to Temkin Group’s survey, 86% will buy again from a business whose customer service they rate as “excellent”. Customers who had a very poor experience saw that number drop to 13%. This is less then one-sixth what excellent service generates in repeat sales. The fact that 77% consumers who had an excellent experience with customer service said they were likely to recommend their brand, compared to only 7% who had a negative experience is also noteworthy. This is huge from a marketing perspective. You can make a big difference to your customer’s willingness to share your brand by improving your service. Since these recommendations could translate into sales it is clear that your customer service has a major impact on your ability reach your marketing objectives.

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