Eyelid Surgery Preparation For Surgery

You cannot just go to the doctor and tell him you want an upper or lower lid surgery check my site. The procedures that correct puffy and sagging bags under the eyes, as well as sagging lids, are relatively easy. However, some prep work is required. Choose your doctor carefully. In order to be considered a board-certified surgeon, it is essential that he has this certification. Find out his experience in these procedures. Take a look at his before-and after photos. If he promises to squeeze you into his schedule today when you inquire about an eyelid procedure, you should continue looking. You should inspect the place to ensure it’s clean and safe. You should also stop smoking for at least a week before your surgery. Do not drink alcohol for at least a few days, and preferably weeks, before your surgery. These activities reduce your body’s ability to recover quickly and effectively after the procedure. These instructions are the standard pre-op guidelines. Do not forget to follow your surgeon’s instructions.

It is best to cancel all work and school for at least four consecutive days. The procedure is minimally-invasive so you can go through it on Thursday. It doesn’t mean, however, that you can go right back to doing your regular activities. You should still be prepared to slow down for two to three weeks. Make sure you arrange for someone else to pick you after the surgery. Even if your surgery is performed with a local anaesthetic, it will cause you to be slightly groggy upon waking up. Make sure the person who will be helping you can stay through at least the initial day.

A plastic surgeon might suggest multiple procedures for you to achieve your desired appearance. You may need to have a browlift as well for the best outcome. The recovery time is not affected by this. The combination of brow lifts and endoscopic browlifts has made this procedure relatively simple. This procedure is not for the faint-hearted. Plastic surgeons will rejuvenate your appearance by removing the excess tissues and skin around the eyes. This can give you a tired look. They cannot make it look like you are in your 20s, when you actually are 60. They cannot make your look like you are a movie star. What they are able to do is make sure you look the very best you can.

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