How long do roof repairs take?

In order to determine how long it takes to finish a roof replacement or tear-off project, the size and area of the structure is vital. It is obvious that if the commercial building measures a thousand square feet it will be more time consuming than doing work on a home or an office.

The average re-roofing job will take a couple of days. We can usually reroof an entire 5,000-square foot building in two days, weather permitting. Additional info?

However, some of the largest roofing companies are able to complete such a project in just one day. This is because they may have up to 50 employees on site. A roofer should be capable of handling a 5,000 sq. ft. tear off project within two days.

This system is used by some contractors to manage large projects. This means that, if a roofing job is larger than normal and requires more work than usual, only part of the roof per day will be torn away.

In particular, in a project that is phased, the first part of the roof is removed every morning. Then, the next day, the section is covered again. After the first day of work, the seams are waterproofed. That marks the place where nighttime construction stopped. After the work is completed, it’s time to start the work the following morning by taking out the waterproofing seam that was just put in place and begin work on the subsequent section of roofing.

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