I’d like to open a mobile car-washing business

Many people have seen young men washing cars in the parking lot from their office windows and thought, “That is a good business.” I agree. I’ve been in business for over 27years. A mobile car washing business might be the right business idea for you if you are an entrepreneur, have a lot of energy and love dealing with customers useful source.

You have many benefits when you own a mobile carwash company. You’ll make friends with many people and lose weight. Most likely, you’ll also get a nice tan. What are the requirements to start a mobile vehicle washing company? First, you will need a truck/trailer unit that includes a pressure washer along with a 110-gallon storage tank. Magnet signs on the truck are also a good idea. It is a good idea to keep some cash handy as you will constantly be changing things so that you can exchange a lot of fives and one’s.

You will probably need helper, as there is so much work involved. It’s important to hire someone with good people skills, who can be athletic and doesn’t mind being around for more than 8 hours each day. It is very easy to start your mobile car wash business. Getting customers is also not difficult. It will be difficult to maintain efficiency so that you can wash as many cars an hour as possible. This is why efficiency must be your constant focus.

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