It’s a good thing for women to have a tough skin

Women are often hesitant when I inform them that having tough skin is good. More bonuses!

They avoid the notion of tough skin due to two misconceptions based on manner in which we speak.

They mistakenly believe that tough skin is synonymous with rough skin. They think that tough skin is unattractive, rough skin. However, this isn’t what I’m talking about. But I do understand where they get this impression.

They are able to get this false impression because they’re accustomed to convey the precise language used by marketers to entice readers and viewers into buying products. When describing facial skin, glossy women’s magazines advertisements or television commercials use phrases like “soft,” “smooth,” “silky,” “creamy,” and so on. Unconsciously, this implies that beautiful skin is fragile.

Another myth is that typically are thinking of the metaphor of the thick skin. It refers to pachyderm-like indifference to unpleasant things, words, or events. Again, the impression is that a thicker skin is something that represents insensitive, cold, hard and calloused individuals. The meaning of this word is based on other meanings, however it’s still possible to be misled.

The Truth About tough Skin

The truth about the problem of skin that is tough is that healthy, beautiful and smooth skin appears like this because it’s hard and hefty. It actually has seven layers strong due to the fact that skin was developed to protect the body rather than function as an ornament over bone and flesh to enhance sexual attraction.

Young people, for instance have gorgeous skin due to the fact that they have tough skin. Their skin is thick and tough! However, this doesn’t mean it is unhealthy or unattractive due to excessive sunbathing, pool time, or beauty care neglect. The thick and hard skin is a sign that your skin is healthy and well-structured and acts as a protection against bacteria that may be present from a topically applied source. I will say it again that even skin that is tough can be beautiful and healthy. It is smooth, soft, and healthy. The skin is appealing. Although it is smooth to touch, it is not delicate skin.

How Skin Gets Tough

Now that we know that having tough skin is good for you If you’re curious about how your skin becomes more difficult and thicker. What’s the secret to the beautiful skin we had when we were younger? It is because as we got older the skin began to lose collagen and elastin. This caused the skin to tighten up.

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