Learn About Different Types Of Plastic Surgery For The Face

Surgery of Eyelids: Blepharoplasty. This procedure corrects droopy and saggy eyes, as well puffiness beneath the eye visit website. Left uncorrected it can make a person look older.

In order to minimize the appearance of scars, they must be placed around the natural eye line. The excess skin is then removed. The next step is to stretch the tissue and reattach the sutures. Lower lid removal involves a similar process, but the incision must be made inside or along the lower eyelid.

Mentoplasty refers to the surgery of chin. Mentoplasty can be performed in two different ways: by reduction, or by augmentation. For augmentation of the chin, either an incision inside the lip is made beneath the lower chin or under the chin. After stretching a small amount of tissue, an implant made from synthetic material is inserted. An incision of the same size is made on the chin to reduce its size. After repositioning and sculpting the bones, they are reshaped. If the outside cut is made, there is a very tiny and inconspicuous scar.

Otoplasty, or Ear Surgery. This is achieved by using the natural fold formed behind the ear. You will barely notice it. To alter the shape you can sculpt cartilage and then use sutures. The third option is to stitch removed cartilage or the skin. As young as 5 year olds can benefit from the procedure as it can relieve years of anxiety.

Rhinoplasty (or Nose Surgery) Incisions are mostly made inside the nostrils to reconstruct the nasal. No visible scarring is left. There may be some cuts made to the septum, which is the part that separates the nares. Reshaping the nostrils is done using cartilage or bone. The surgeon will shape the nose to the surgeon’s liking. Next, the skin will be reshaped on top of the cartilage and bones. It’s then stitched. A splint holds the new structure in position.

You have now seen the work done behind the scenes during facial plastic surgeries. After that, you’ll want to delve deeper into the details of your procedure.

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