Melbourne is the City that Keeps itself Grounded.

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most beautiful cities. Melbourne is a city where culture and art coexist in a place where coffee has been revered for centuries as an elixir. Behind the busy streets and impressive buildings, melbourne has a secret hero. The foundation of the city is important to its stability, even if it’s not as glamorous as the famous streets or hipster as the dynamic street art. Book now.

Melbourne, in all its facets, is a city that changes landscapes. The city is held up by an intricate web of structures which ensures that its foundations remain as solid as the aim of an Australian cricketer. A city with a sprawling urban sprawl, and a tram system that is extensive requires careful planning to avoid it collapsing.

What is underpinning? It is the unsung hero of Melbourne’s architecture. The process of underpinning involves stabilizing or strengthening a structure or building’s foundation in order to prevent it from sinking. In a city such as Melbourne, where the residents have to deal with unpredictability of weather and even the occasional tram passing by, underpinning is a necessity.

Melbourne’s history is a closely guarded, but well-kept secret. It’s hidden behind gleaming facades, cobblestones, and soaring glass. The foundation ensures that the famous Eureka Tower does not adopt a leaning posture like its Pisa counterpart and Flinders St Station remains as straight as Swinburne students during exam weeks. Melbourne’s underground is an engineering masterpiece. The metropolis is unable to pull off its Titanic impression due to a labyrinth made of concrete and steel. The supporting structures are responsible for stabilizing everything from 100-year old historic buildings to the newest skyscrapers.

The modest hero does much more than just stand beside Melbourne. He is a symbol of its flexibility and resilience. Melbourne’s base serves as a constant reminder that beneath the surface of a city, even if it is lively and attractive, its foundation requires maintenance and care. The foundation is both a symbol and lesson for the city.

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