Moldavite is the Cosmic Stone from The Sky

Moldavite is fascinating with an interesting history. It looks like green glasses and has captured the interest of crystal enthusiasts and paranormalists. It is believed this precious gemstone was formed when a meteorite, a meteorite from the outer solar system, crashed into the ground in the Bohemian region. This happened approximately 15 million year ago. This area is now part the Czech Republic.

What makes moldavite special? get more info. First, moldavite’s unique structure and composition makes it an extraordinary spiritual tool and talisman. Some believe moldavite can enhance psychic skills, increase spiritual development, and help one communicate with the Divine. It is also believed that it has the ability to restore balance to the chakras, as well as good fortune and abundant resources.

Moldavite, although it has a reputation for being an unusual and potent mineral, is still not well-known to the public. It’s partly due to the fact that moldavite is very rare and only a small amount is available.

If you are lucky enough to get moldavite you should expect a unique experience. While moldavite looks almost glass-like, the stone emits powerful energy and vibrations. Some claim to feel tingling or buzzing while holding moldavite. Other claim to feel the heat emanating out of the stone.

Moldavite is a great addition to any collection if you are looking for something that will intrigue and excite. This cosmic stone is sure to add a touch of the supernatural to your daily life.

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