Moldavite Jewelry – The Best Method

In this article, we will be looking at some of the finest moldavite jewel designs to show off their beauty while keeping their organic characteristics – get more info. The best way to use moldavite for jewelry making is with a sturdy and simple setting. Because moldavite crystal is delicate, you need to protect it from any harm. Moldavite might be secured and held in place with a setting that is secure, like a bezel or prong setting. A location where moldavite can be purchased is crucial as it enhances and not detracts its natural beauty.

It is essential to select the right metal when making moldavite jewelry. Since they are easier to handle and can easily be formed to match moldavite forms, soft metals are great alternatives. Examples include silver and gold. You must ensure the moldavite is protected by making sure that the metal has the purest grade.

Make sure to pay attention to the shape and size of moldavite before making jewelry. You need the appropriate moldavite for the jewelry piece you’re making, as there are many options. To make a necklace, use larger moldavite samples. If making earrings, use smaller ones.

While inserting the moldavite into your necklace, be patient. Moldavite crystals are fragile and must be taken care of to avoid breakage. If you are not sure of your capabilities, talk to a professional jewel maker that is experienced with moldavite.

For moldavite to be in great condition, jewelry needs to be kept clean. Use a gentle cloth with warm soapywater to clean moldavite. You should avoid placing the jewelry in very warm or strong environments as these could cause moldavite damage. You can prevent moldavite from causing damage by keeping the jewelry safe and dry.

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