Perfume: How to wear it correctly!

It is common to encounter someone in a small space, such as an elevator or cubical at the office, who smells like he/she has bathed in perfume. It can be overwhelming and leave you feeling drowsy for hours. If you’re like me, you may also have experienced the pleasant smell of someone else’s perfume when you walk by. If worn correctly, it can bring pleasure to your senses. However, if you don’t wear it properly, it can overwhelm.

Use these tips to enjoy your perfume as well as the others around you – important link!

Pick a perfume that is pleasing to you and for which your friends compliment you the most.

Pick a scent that suits the season and time of the day. For spring and summer you can choose a light fragrance or for winter a scent that’s a little stronger. Daytime scents like citrus or floral tones can be subtle, fresh and perfect. At night you might prefer a more intense spicy or musky smell.

You should always try a fragrance before buying it. If you spray a fragrance on a card or a sample, it may not smell as good on skin. Try the perfume on yourself to know what it does.

Don’t over spray. Apply the perfume to a few key points such as the crooks of your elbow, your wrists and the napes of your neck. It is best to use pulse points for perfume application because they are more sensitive.

As an alternative, you can spray perfume mist into the air. Then walk through it. This will give you a very light scent. It is an excellent technique for a daytime fragrance.

Another way to use perfume in a subtle manner is to spray a mist onto your hair.

When spraying the perfume, avoid holding the bottle close to your body. A light mist of fragrance is preferable to a concentrated area. The perfume will be more evenly distributed if you hold the bottle several inches from the skin.

If possible, spray perfume onto your body prior to putting on clothing. So, the fragrance will be less intense and stay longer on your body. This method will also prevent you from staining your clothes, as perfumes can cause fabric damage.

It is important to avoid re-applying perfume constantly throughout the day. The intensity can build up and be overwhelming.

It can be a game changer for you, and others around you. When it comes to high-end brands, they can be expensive. To find cheap perfumes you will need to shop around and compare prices. The term cheap perfume isn’t meant to be generic, it can also refer to designer and signature fragrances. Online is a great place to look for cheap perfumes.

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