Restaurant Personnel – What Are The Positions?

A successful restaurant requires a variety of staff members. How you choose to open your restaurant will impact the types of staff that you hire check that. A takeout restaurant with limited seating may be the best option. You might only need one or two staff members to help you prepare sandwiches or pizzas. If you want to take orders during the operating hours, at least one or both of your employees should be able run your cash register. Hire someone who can do deliveries on site. One or two employees may also be needed to clean the kitchen.

To open a restaurant with enough seating for a number of diners, you will likely need to hire someone who can help prepare some of the menu items (i.e. Assisting in the preparation of meats and cheeses as well as cutting vegetables. Some of the additional duties they might have to do during slack are stocking a drink cooler or displaying products like chips, cookies or pretzels at the store. They might also need help to ensure drink machines are working properly. This includes making sure the ice dispenser is full, and ensuring the hoses to self service drink machines are connected.

It is a rule of thumb that the larger your establishment, the more employees will be needed. Full service restaurants will typically require staff who fall under the one of two categories, “front of and back of the house”. The person at the front is the one that customers would typically interact with. These roles include the host or hostess. She is responsible to seat the patron, take reservations and ensure that the tables are prepared for him/her. Some restaurants give patrons a list of items so they can start looking at it before the wait staff arrives to take their drink orders. This person may also be the manager. They would handle any customer issues. The wait staff is responsible for taking orders, bringing food to the table and making recommendations for wine or beer.

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