Searching for Moldavites in the fields

Nearly every day, I drive past fields where moldavites can be found. I’m always looking for the right time for farmers to plow the earth. Extra resources!

Finally, I saw a tractor plowing through a stubble field. The next day was too short and it was dry. It is best to search for Moldavites after it has rained or during :-)). Moldavite’s reflective surface makes it easier to see. I promised myself that I would try my luck again the next day.

It had rained that morning which was perfect for me. However, in the afternoon I was surprised to find eight people bent over staring at the ground. Given the small size of the field, I didn’t see any hope for any Moldavites being removed.

Perhaps next year I will get my chance, when the agricultural machines :-). will turn the earth over again.

Still, it is a popular activity to search for Moldavites. Unfortunately, it is becoming harder to find a real moldavites.

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