Non-Wooden Cladding Offers Benefits

Exterior cladding can be overwhelming if you’re on the lookout for it. The days of wood being the only option for cladding are gone. Many homeowners are glad that they are done with them. Why? Visit our website and learn more about

Wood cladding is still one of the most preferred cladding options. But it has always been a problem. There are many issues that wood cladding could cause. Wood cladding attracts termites that can cause severe damage to the wood.

Because the only purpose of exterior cladding was to protect the structure, it can be damaged and may cause structural weakness.

Wood cladding is more costly than wood, so you’ll need to paint it or stain it. It will also require repeated maintenance over time. Wood can form colonies of moss, mold, or algae which can cause wood to rot. Wood cladding also is susceptible to fire.

Wood cladding has a long history of being used by homeowners. It can be installed quickly and easily, with a variety of stain and plain colors. Wood cladding is, however, susceptible to the problems mentioned above.

There are many benefits to using non-wooden materials over wooden cladding. For example, aluminum siding is durable and fireproof. It’s an excellent choice when you have structures that will be exposed to high-humidity or coastal environments. Steel cladding makes a great choice in areas where hailstorms are frequent. Metal cladding has the same paintability as wood.

Other non-wooden options have a lower maintenance requirement. Vinyl cladding requires less maintenance than wood cladding. Vinyl cladding doesn’t require any staining, repainting, or painting. It can be maintained by using simple soap and warm water.

Non-wooden Cladding is available in so many material options that the final appearance on the structure it is attached to will only depend on the imagination. Brick or stone exterior cladding can give a business the look of substance, durability and longevity they desire. Stucco exterior cladding creates a Mediterranean- or tropical feel.