Forex Secrets Market Controlling System

I wish that my opponents who deny that there is a FXCM Markets controlling system remember the fundamental economic laws. The spontaneous Market is a barometer to determine the real price of goods according to demand and supply. It is also the real rate at which any currency is exchanged.

It is hard to imagine what the USD rate would look like in this scenario. Forex USD rate would decline by only 1-2% in the market controllable.

The Episode 2. The storm “Katrina”, and the flooding in USA on September 7, 2006. USD rate steady increase. Chronology of events.

Many states in the USA became submerged after the dam (dike-debacle). The entire industry, agricultural and transport networks were destroyed. There was panic not only among the people but also among officials and other ranks. There were hundreds of deaths. There were instances of looting. Soldiers from the USA army were able to kill many looters. The USA government declared this hurricane a major disaster. A new plan for civic defense was launched (see “BBC. The complete chronological record

“Katrina” was ruining the USA. Louisiana senators sought $250 billion from the federal budget in order to overcome “Katrina”, which left behind devastating after-effects.

It is an excellent example of the worst natural cataclysms USA has experienced in the last ten years. USA was helped by the 36 thousand dollar loan from Haiti, even the poorest nation in the world. Ukraine’s assistance made 1,000,000 of hrivnias possible, etc.

What happened with the USD rate at the Forex market? USD rate increased despite all economic laws.

Chart 8.7. Chart 8.7.

Chart 8.8. Chart 8.8.

Summary for traders

To my mind, the thesis that Forex turned from the spontaneous market towards the controllable forex market doesn’t need any further proofs. Forex traders need to adjust their strategy and tactics.