Properly Installing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors should be properly installed. The length of the nails and the moisture level should all be taken into account when installing Hardwood floors. Installing a floor can be complicated and costly. Many professionals are available for this job. Although there are many skilled professionals, you need to be able to determine if your dream floor is being installed correctly. Visit our website and learn more about flooring installation chicago.

Wood floors can be treated and coated with chemical protection. However, before installation, allow it to dry out in your garage/storage room for a few more days. This will allow the wood to adapt to the humidity.

Tools and materials

It is essential to have staples and pneumatic gun. Make sure the cleat nail holes are designated for the use with any nail guns. Dallas Hardwood flooring requires that the nails be tight enough to prevent squeaking. They also need to allow natural expansion. A mallet is required for proper fitting.


Sub layers are vital to keep your floors from creaking and feeling spongy. It also acts as a holder to hold the staples and nails. The sub-layer can be made up of asphalt felt, plywood, or a combination thereof. For some projects, sub-layers are made from wood floors.


Proper measurements are crucial for a beautiful appearance. Measure them according to the dimensions of the room.


Installation is a repetitive task. All boards must be placed at 45 degrees angles. To avoid any cracks or dents in your boards, you should not make mistakes while nailing.