Why Choose A Telescoping Flagpole Over A Traditional?

Telescoping flag poles have many advantages over traditional ones. Your flag will be displayed proudly in no time at all with this pole. A telescoping flagpole makes it easy to raise and lower your flag at home or business for any occasion. The process of raising and lowering the flag takes only seconds as opposed to taking minutes with a traditional one. The flag will flail in the wind in no matter how fast you do it. There’s no need to worry about flags tangled in ropes or clanging hardware. The advantage of this pole is its ability to be taken down in severe weather conditions. You don’t have to be concerned about the pole falling or being pulled out of the ground by severe weather. You can simply lower the flagpole and relax.

Sunsetter offers the Telescoping Flag Pole 20′ in Length. This pole protects hardware from corrosion and rust, while the aircraft-grade aluminum will last many years. The pole comes with a US flag that will allow you to fly your flag high above the sky in less than ten second. There are four sections to the pole that nest within each other. When you do the raises, the sections will snap into place. There is nothing simpler. You have three options to choose from. This high-quality product will make your yard look great.

Uncommon USA also has a Telescoping Flagpole, made from 16 gauge aluminum. Aluminum features an anodized finish, which makes it easy to maintain. The swivel strap allows your flag to fly unencumbered. This will preserve your American flag for many years. Each flag comes with a USA flag for your yard. Telescoping flagpoles offer many benefits over traditional options. It’s easy to see why so much home owners have switched to this type. You might consider this flag pole if you are looking for an innovative way to display your flag. It makes it easy to raise or lower your flag.