What is Baal, The Raiden Shogun?

The Raiden Shogun is available in two forms. Raiden Ei is her true identity. The Shogun is a puppet created by Ei to be the ruler of Inazuma. She is also known as the God Of Eternity. Find more.

We would eventually discover that the Raiden Ei was actually controlling the Shogun. He was a puppet who was meditating in the Plane of Euthymia.

The instructions for the puppet Shogun are set in stone and extremely difficult to change, even for Ei. The Shogun can be known for being cold, calculative, and sometimes, even callous.

Baal, the original Electro Archon, and Beelzebul the current Archon have very little backstory.

Baal and Beelzebul both are twin Gods. Baal, who is actually Raiden Makoto was one of the original Seven that was victorious in the Archon War. Baal was the Shogunate’s first founder, while Beelzebul became her Kagemusha (or shadow warrior). She was, for a while, Baal’s double.

Although they don’t have a close relationship, Yae Mikos explained that Baal is kind and gentle and doesn’t like violence.

Beelzebul became the Raiden Shogun after her death in the Cataclysm. She’s also known as Baal.

As a proof of concept, Beelzebul would create a puppet. This puppet would be the playable Raiden Shogun. The puppet was able to wander about Inazuma but Fatui later found her and gave her the name Scaramouche (No they don’t do Fandango).

Beelzebul was deceived in the Fatui’s year before the current game. Later, she would reenact both the Vision Hunt as well as Sakoku Decree. This allowed her to isolate her nation from the rest Teyvat, much like Wakanda in the Marvel Universe.

Zhongli explained to us that Morax, the mortal vessel, ordered Inazuma Bakufu collect all Visions from the country. They are placed in the statue of a hundred-eyed, thousand-armed god for unknown reasons. Since receiving an Electro Vision, no one, not even her family, has been able to see it.
Why she’s so popular

Raiden Shogun’s temporary banner for a limited time broke the 2-day revenue record, bringing in over 9 million revenue. Since the game’s launch, she’s been a very popular banner.

She’s more like a character with a redemption story. It’s not every day that you have a 5-star archon to your band. Kujou Sara, a brand new 4-star character is also available.

Kujou Sara is the Tenryou Commission’s leader. She is referred to as “Devotee Of The Divine” and has sworn allegiance the Raiden Shogun.

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