Why spend so much on expensive BBQ Grills

BBQ grill makers aren’t going to make charcoal or gas grill that doesn’t have a attractive curb appeal. They wouldn’t, considering that the only thing they have to offer, other than a cheap BBQ grill cost. Your curb appeal is great, but you should take the lid off to inspect the main components, like grids for cooking, burners and the mechanism between the burners and the grids – extra resources. Additionally, you should look over the material of the BBQ’s interior. Most gas grills will come with grids made of stainless steel or cast grids. However, porcelain grids will eventually rust and become useless.

Grids made of cast iron need to be seasoned and oiled more often than other grids. However, they can hold heat and can sear meats faster than other grids. The most durable is stainless steel. to maintain and still create lovely sear marks. Burners are the most crucial part of a BBQ so be sure to carry a magnet to verify if your burners are made from steel. If a magnet does stick to the burner, do not expect it to last more than one season because they will rust through quickly because of the heat, salts and grease.

Some cast iron burners work good if they’re made of quality iron. However, the burner ports will still have to be cleaned out every so often since cast iron can get rusty and cause the port to stop gas from passing through resulting in lower temperature and hot spots in the grilling area. Tube style burners made of stainless steel are used in the majority of BBQ grills manufactured and if made of high quality stainless steel, they’ll last 5 to 7 years based on how often you cookout. The most durable is a cast stainless steel burner that is found in Fire Magic Grills and a few other brands.

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