You can grow oyster mushrooms indoors by following these simple steps.

Growing oyster mushrooms is easy and you can have an unlimited supply at your table if you know how. While oyster mushrooms are found in the woods, you can also use other mediums to raise them. You can use sawdust and straw, which are much easier to collect than logs. Visit buy shrooms online before reading this.

They are similar in appearance to oysters and have an extensive culinary and medicinal heritage. Chinese medicine has been using oyster mushrooms for immune system enhancement since three thousand BC. The ergothioneine in the oyster mushroom is a powerful antioxidant which can help protect cells. It does not matter if you cook oyster mushrooms, as the antioxidant content remains unchanged. Anti-bacterial properties of the mushrooms were also proven. Oyster mushroom contains significant amounts of iron, zinc and vitamin C. It also has significant levels phosphorus and vitamins B1 andB2. Eating oyster mushrooms can help you meet your dietary goals.

Pesticides, other chemicals and preservatives are added to commercially-prepared mushrooms in order to enhance their appearance and prolong the shelf life. While mushrooms may be good for your health, they can also shorten the life of those who consume them. Solution? How to grow mushrooms for all their wonderful health benefits.

How to plant mushrooms

This project requires two cardboard milk cartons, or two smaller ones. Also needed are two cups of whole grain or coffee flour and spawn from oyster mushrooms. Straw can be used as an alternative to sawdust (although it’s better).

Start with the kit, but oyster mushrooms are a better choice if starting from scratch is what you’re looking for. Choose from dozens varieties of oyster mushrooms. Consult your supplier to determine the right variety for your area. The oyster mushroom grows best in temperatures between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

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